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Decking Visualizer

One of the many benefits of UltraShield® solid color composite decking is our wide range of composite wood decking colors and material options. Use our visualizer to help you see your timber composite decking as it would look in different wood types and composite wood colors. To choose your paint-free deck materials, locate a buyer near you. If you are a distributor looking to offer UltraShield® composite decking, contact us now.

Many Composite Wood Colors Available

Looking for something more than just the traditional brown for your decking? We have a variety of wood colors available to help you find just the right color to suit the aesthetic you are looking for:

Teak  –  Teak is a wood that is prized for its durability and elegance. Many real wood outdoor decks, not to mention a wide variety of furniture and other wood products, are made out of teak. Our teak composite decking provides you with a classic look you are sure to admire.
Walnut  –  Our walnut color provides a darker, richer wood look than the traditional teak. Many people find walnut to be an extremely attractive color and wood look for their patio and backyard decks. Your choice of walnut may be dependent upon the general style of your homes exterior décor.
Light Gray  –  Not all decks have to have a shade of brown that represents traditional wood, especially when you are enjoying an UltraShield® composite deck. Our light gray deck color gives you a distinctive look of strength and contemporary style.
Antique  –  NIf you prefer a more vintage than modern look when it comes to your deck, you may prefer our antique option, which allows you to capture a more rustic feel with your decking.
Teak Channel  –  This is our standard teak wood composite, complete with thin channel grooves for a streamlined appearance.
Walnut Channel  –  Our standard walnut wood composite comes complete with thin channel grooves for a streamlined appearance.
Light Gray Channel  –  This is our standard light gray color, complete with thin channel grooves for a streamlined appearance.
Antique Channel  –  If you are looking for a more antique look, try our standard antique channel.
Oak  –  Few woods convey strength, sturdiness and durability like oak. If you appreciate the classic look of oak, you will love our oak wood color UltraShield® decking.
Ipe  –  Ipe wood, also called Brazilian Walnut, is one of the most coveted woods when it comes to exotic deck woods. Our Ipe decking has the same warm, rich mahogany appearance as actual Ipe wood and is sure to be the envy of your neighbors.
Charcoal  –  The dark, smoky look of charcoal is not for everyone when it comes to deck colors, but our UltraShield® charcoal decking has a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look that is sure to make your deck stand out.

For assistance pairing your deck color with the look and style of your home, feel free to call us today at 866-728-5273.