Deck Safety: It’s More Than the Surface 2018-07-31

What do you look for in a deck?

Style? Comfort? Durability?

Durable, elegant and comfort composite deck

There are so many decks that may have the right color and texture, but lack in durablity and strength.

All that beauty could be just a façade covering a weak and poor quality deck that is far from being safe.

Your deck’s safety is one feature that you should never compromise on.

It is recommended to schedule regular professional deck inspections to make sure no safety issues would go unnoticed.

Even though most of the deck inspectors will only inspect the joists, posts, foundation, and hardware, the inspections should go further than just the surface.

You also need to have its structure evaluated.

Most of these problems are caused by excessive exposure to snow, rain, or humidity.

Water resistant composite decking

The most common factors that present the greatest risk to the safety of your deck are moisture infiltration and insect damage.

For a deck to be considered as safe, it should be both insect-proof and waterproof.

Moisture-Resistant Decking

replacement for wooden decks,  insert-proof and waterproof composite decking

The safety of a deck goes hand-in-hand with its waterproof capabilities.

Safe decks should not allow even the slightest moisture infiltration.

Not only does moisture ruin the appearance of wooden decks – both in color and texture – but it also accelerates the rotting of the wood which compromises on the strength of the deck.

High-quality deck composite decks are waterproof and will prevent any moisture infiltration into the deck.

This can be attributed to the fact they are made from recycled plastic and wood fibers.

waterproof outdoor composite decking, suitable for hot and cold weather

The moisture-resistant feature makes composite decking a much better alternative for outdoor decking compared to wooden decks.

It’s suitable for regions that are wet most part of the year.

Insect-Resistant Decking

Insect damage is another great concern for deck safety, and more specifically, damage from termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.

These insects are known to establish their nests and colonies under wooden decks, and will indiscriminately bore holes and alter the deck’s stability.

As a result, your deck may weaken and collapse.

So how do you get rid of these insects?

insect-resistant composite decking, easy to clean

You could try the traditional pest control mechanisms like smoking and use of insecticides.

But they will just come back when the chemicals wear off.

You can completely solve this problem by replacing your worn-out wooden deck with a composite deck.

Composite decks provide a better substitute because they have outer polymer layers that protect the inner core from the damage caused by pesky insects.

In addition, they don’t have the resin found in natural wood and, hence, don’t attract any insects.

Safety First with NewTechWood Composite Decking

With NewTechWood composite decking, deck safety isn’t just superficial.

how to protect the floor with ultrashield layer
Ultrashield Protection layer Is a Washable layer,get rid of insert attack,Stains,Water corrosion

Our UltraShield decks combine the proved strength of high-density polyethylene plastics with that of wood fibers, and have tough outer polymer shells that encapsulate the boards to provide a resilient layer of protection.

NewTechWood composite decks are durable regardless of the climatic conditions of the region it’s used in.

We offer a 25-year limited transferable warranty for all our decks.

This serves as a testament to our top-of-the-line and safe capped composite decking.

Stay safe with NewTechWood!




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